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Reversal of Nissen Fundoplication

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The surgeon wanted the LINX augmentation procedure or TIF. He said Tricare would not cover the procedure for service members, narrowing the options to Nissen or Toupet fundoplication. I settled for the toupet based on the explanation that I can still burp and or vomit as compared to the Nissen.

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I never knew before I had my Nissen that there was a Toupet and I have no idea what TIF is. . My father-in-law had the Nissen a few months after me.. I could burp and vomit, but he could not. He said the not being able vomit was the worse.

I had the Nissen in 2001. It immediate started to fail, but I was better than before surgery. I had a repair in 2007 by a different surgeon. He placed mesh in a place he should not. We did not part on friendly terms. I kept telling him I was in a lot of pain and he ignored me.. he had the idea he never failed or did anything wrong in a surgery.

In 2013 my pain was very bad and a different surgeon referred me to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville FL. The surgeon undid the Nissen and did traditional repair. It started failing… he had ordered a swallow test in six months. I had results sent to him, but he was no longer at the Mayo Clinic.. so I was assigned a different surgeon.

He did a gastric bypass in 2014 and I had complications.. not his fault, just my body. Oh.. had a problem with Tricare getting approval for this surgery and previous one.. They farm out their peer to peer consults and it took a few months to get approval for both. I also had more out of pocket expense. Mayo Clinic accepted payments. No problems for approval on my last surgery at Mayo Clinic in 2015. .. which was for repair from the complication that I was too weak to go through immediately after the previous surgery.

I am okay now with that, but my esophagus is a mess from years of reflux. I am waiting to hear on an appointment now for an endoscopy.

I wish I could be more help to you.