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@joannemm30809 There is a little rule which you might keep in mind when dealing with issues which would be genetic, and the doc says you have such and such…. "If you ain't got the gene(s), you ain't got the disease." And if the doc just does not know for certain, get one of the more responsible gene houses which will work with your insurance to do a FULL genome analysis on you. It is much less expensive that running to a bunch of med providers who do not help you. But use your own head. My Gelsolin has hit my ears, and I have had to have them trimmed back, but the surgeon says "…sunburn…". Remember the old song "Do your ears hang low; do they wobble to and fro; can you tie 'em in a knot; can you tie 'em in a bow….. " So I had one trimmed back last week, but with Gelsolin, it will probably be back just the way my tongue has and my lip and my eyelashes and jowls are. oldkarl

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@joannemm30809 Hello!
I have been going through a lot like you have last 6 months. I fainted and fell and bowels emptied out in April this year. I still have episodes of flushing, near fainting and bowels empty out. I’ve had blood pressure issues, heart rate, difficulty walking, swallowing, many odd symptoms. So many blood tests, scans, etc. Many doctors and really darn frustrated that they tell me I have anxiety. I live in rural area so don’t have the specialists. I tried to get into Mayo but was denied since I’ve had so many tests. I have to wait til January to see endocrinologist. I’ve been left to figure it out on my own. Vitamins and healthy eating have helped. When I do start feeling good, then bam! I have a near fainting spell and bowel problem again. I’ve become a couch potato.
We must keep persevering. I write all my symptoms down and keep bugging my Doctors.
I hope you get some answers and post what you find out. We do not have anxiety!

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