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They've ruled out diabetes, they've ruled out cancer since they did a very expensive blood test called perineoplastic blood test. They've ruled out MS. They did a cat scan looking for an adrenal tumor and ruled that out. I've had blood work up of every single thing you can think of and it's all come back normal. I've had stool samples done and they came back normal. I had a EEG and that was normal. I had a nerve conduction test and that was normal. I had an EMG test and that was normal even though I have continual muscle twitching from head to toe for the last 1 year. I went to the ophthalmologist because I have visual disturbances and he sees nothing wrong with my optic nerve in my eyes.

I have a loop recorder implanted in my chest because I have had an irregular heartbeat for most of my life which is controlled by taking metotoprolol and every time I have these what I call episodes I sent a loop recording into my cardiologist and even though I have tachycardia sometimes during these events my heart rhythm is absolutely normal. I've had stress test and nuclear CAT scans of my heart and it's all normal. I had the HU antibody test done once again looking for cancer and that came back normal. I had a test looking for thyroid problem for Lyme disease for vitamin deficiency for hormone imbalance and everything came back normal. I have no idea what's wrong with me but Blue Cross Blue shield once again today has denied the request to have an MRI of my spine and a new MRI of my brain because the last MRI of my brain I had was 2 and 1/2 years ago and it did not show any tumors or lesions from MS but over the last 2 and 1/2 years things could have changed where those lesions might be showing up if I do possibly have MS.

I cannot get any of these doctors to really dig into this they all want to blame it on anxiety my neurologist said I have benign fasciculation syndrome and that's why I have muscle twitches all the time and for me just to go take anxiety medicine and all that nonsense. I'll have patches of skin that just go numb. Huge patches of tissue from my back wrapping around in my belly that goes numb. Pins and needles in my hands my feet my right calf always goes numb pins and needles all over creepy crawly feeling crap looks like feels like worms under my skin around my eyebrows and my lips. Yet none of these doctors know what's going on. They all want to try to blame it all on anxiety and I'm too through with it.

None of the doctors here in Orlando or Tampa area do what's called a sweat test to possibly rule out Dysautonomia and the only clinic that does it is the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville and about 1.5 years ago the neurologist tried to get me an appointment there and they read over my file at that time and denied the request to see me to do the sweat test which I thought was insane because I have a lot of symptoms of autonomic nervous system malfunctioning.

So I'm not too sure where to go or who to turn to and I'm so pissed off right now at Blue Cross Blue shield I'd like to sue the doctor in the pre-authorization department that repeatedly is denying the MRI of my spine which is never been scanned at all looking for maybe impinged upon spinal cord

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You need an sfn punch biopsy ..small fiber nerves cause all that and autonomic dysfunction ..i have it all .caused by cipro instant full body damage ..

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