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Lost Smell and Taste after COVID

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Hello @seanc6437 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can imagine you have a lot of questions and, likely, some frustration around this. Unfortunately, no one knows at this point if this a permanent effect or not. Here is an article that may be helpful.

– COVID’s toll on smell and taste: what scientists do and don’t know:
Here is another resource that may be of interest.
– How 'smell training' is helping COVID-19 patients recover their olfactory sense:

Members like @chinnk13 @kaswick2 and @user628267 have all shared that they, too, have experienced loss of taste and smell and may be able to share more with you.

Do you feel like one of the two senses are returning slightly more than the other?

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I wouldn’t say returning but my taste is better than my sense of smell.

My taste is mostly back but sometime I taste nothing, other times what I taste is bad and sometimes it is muted but okay. as for my smell…I smell nothing unless it is right under my nose. Then most of the time I can smell what it is…but sometimes it is an off smell or I will smell it the first time and then bring it to my nose again and smell nothing. it is so dang frustrating! it is also very hard to explain to someone my symptoms. I feel bad for those that everything smells and tastes bad so I don't share much…just go on about my day feeling alone in all this. while dealing with recurrent thyroid cancer without thyroid and unknown location so just monitoring and again not sharing because with no plan people question why I am not pushing to do something about the cancer. ugh. I wish doctors knew more so I could get past one of these issues that effect daily thoughts and experiences. thanks for the vent.