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@lentoc I completely understand the pressure you must be under with this decision and the vastly different approaches you have to choose from.

Here are some reference articles that you may find helpful as you make your decision on what you feel is best to pursue.

– A Proposed Treatment Algorithm For Osteochondral Lesions Of The Talus: https://www.hmpgloballearningnetwork.com/site/podiatry/proposed-treatment-algorithm-osteochondral-lesions-talus

– Diagnosis and treatment of osteochondral lesions of the ankle: current concepts: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5091026/

– Osteochondral Autologous Autograft – (OATs Procedure): https://footeducation.com/osteochondral-autologous-autograft/
"When compared to OATS/mosaicplasty, allograft has no donor site morbidity, … Additional surgery after the index procedure is common, with ankle …"

– Osteochondral Allograft of the Talus:
Will you come back and share the direction you feel you are leaning and share updates in case members are able to lend their experiences and support as you walk through this journey?

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Thank you very much for those articles. Very insightful and Informative but also reinforcing why there is such a difference in opinion. There seems to be multiple methods to treat this issue but I can’t tell which way would provide the best outcome.

We have another opinion with an ortho surgeon tomorrow who was referred by the podiatrist. I will be interested to see what his approach is.

As far as how I am leaning I don’t think I can say. It doesn’t feel right to me that we are out in this situation to make a choice based on what little understanding I have of the situation. This is a high level baseball/football player with a promising future if healthy. He’s played all over the country and is ranked in his age group by several organizations. But he is just 15 and I hate that he is going through this.