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I love this group! Sue (I want to grow up to be like you🧡) your mind, heart, and research keep us straight during this journey with MAC….thank you. Here are my 2 cents…

Have always believed in probiotics…even before they became branded and marketed (was a modern hippie of the 70s and worked in a health food store for pocket change). I do believe my overall health for 40 plus years as an adult taking probiotics proves the gut/health relationship (because I have some horrible family history and genes to ameliorate upon); in spite of this acquired villain MAC, and some undiagnosed “most likely “ connective tissue issue….I am really strong & healthy.

I found most my faith is guarded well by this UK producer…Optibac Probiotics. They stand by not all probiotics address everything equally. They…as our ID docs firmly warn us to treat the “specific kind” of invader MAC…the specific species/kind. Optibac also warns that the system/organ affected merits specific kinds of probiotics. Different strains for different symptoms, ailments, issues. They offer good science, support from nutritionists/scientists/ research/ trials. All can be found on the website. I even communicated with staff regarding the FedEx delivery…time…heat…transport ..etc. They responded to my email over night and reassured my doubts on safe delivery of products.

I presently take one type for digestive issue and another to address my immune system. Both help me stay at my optimum, I also consume plant based diet and fermented foods…not to mention my boiled water regimen (lots of water).

So, I am a firm supporter of probiotics; just caution all to always back up claims with the best available research, manufacturers, and testimonials.

Stay strong and well.

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Thank you Regina – Be careful or I might get a swollen ego!
Thank you for your information about specific probiotics. I have access to a wide variety through our local coop, and choose different ones each time, as I also have lung, autoimmune and inflammatory issues, as well as an abysmal family history.
@thumperguy Don – I wasn't looking for authentic, just easy to do at home. Yes, their kimchi contains dried shrimp. I will omit is at home.