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I've found that the background noise is so overwhelming that I can not hear conversations unless in a quiet location and one on one. In the kitchen the refrigerator is so loud it blocks out conversations. It is like it is doing the opposite of what I need.

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I understand completely and your Audi should be able to mute some of that noise and balance out the area where speech is still audible but background noise doesn’t interfere too much. That is a challenging adjustment and my Audi has done that for me. And it has little to do with volume.

There will always be overwhelming venues but you should be comfortable in your own home and in your daily routine coming and going. Go back and keep going back for adjustments until your everyday environment is more comfortable. Tell the Audi you don’t need to hear the fridge or even the AC. She can do that adjustment without compromising speech intelligibility too much.

Also have your molds checked for proper fitting if you wear BTEs.
There should be no leakage of sound. Phonak does not make good molds in my opinion. My Audi switched to Westone and I am wearing a new mold from them with a better seal and softer material and that goes up the concha a bit to keep it in place. I have never had a vent in my molds. Molds make all the difference in the world and not enough emphasis is put on their importance to optimal hearing. For my profound loss I need a full seal around the main piece and an extra long piece that goes into the canal.

Go get em…..Aids are too expensive to settle for anything but the best.

FL Mary

Billchitwood Please go to a cochlear audiologist who works with your brand of hearing aid. They need to retest your hearing and make big adjustments to your processor! Don’t delay. Cochlear set ups are amazing, living without proper adjustment is terrible!