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Can Neuropathy be cured?

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Good evening @brklimeks, As far as I know, idiopathic means that there is no known or identifiable cause for neuropathy. My neurologist scheduled appointments with other clinicians to make sure he wasn't missing a succinct and identifiable reason for my small fiber neuropathy. That might be a rheumatologist or an orthopedist. In my case and after an MRI of my brain and quite a few tests, compiled with responses from the other clinicians, he diagnosed my situation as idiopathic.

Since then I have learned that my case would probably be designated trauma-based either from injuries or surgeries.
I think I was notoriously careless or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many of my hospital stays were from car accidents and activity injuries. I spent three days in an inverse sling over the hospital bed after a fall from my horse. Forty years later I had titanium blocks placed in my cervical spine to try to eradicate the pain.

Have you fallen or been injured in activities like horseback riding or mountain climbing? i recall being jumped on by someone from a raft at the ocean. I spent 6 months in a body cast for that one. My conclusion is that all injuries to the components of our body leave their mark. Surgeries that put us back together by replacing or fixing bones, muscles, and tissue leave their mark. Then as we age those earlier traumas begin to speak rather loudly.

Can you recall injuries that may have something to do with how your body functions today?

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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Not as far as I know. Fell a short distance from a ladder before it all started. Had quite a few surgeries but that was after the pain started. No car accident or major injuries. It’s a conundrum.

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