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Jude is my third from the feed lot. The first two were a mare and her filly, mustangs from Nevada. Fresh off the range. Even those horses were so grateful for the love and care. I cannot take them all. Right now I have 3 that were abandoned in my own little corner of the world. A total of 4 changes a budget a lot. 😂🙄

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Thank you, Chris! You’re a special lady. It’s so wonderful you can provide a safe haven for these horses. I know, I wish we could save them all! It’s heartbreaking…
Not being in the position to personally tend horses, my husband and I are huge supporters for a horse welfare/rescue not far from us. It’s really expensive rescuing horses and providing them with everything they need. The couple who run it are just outstanding people and the work they do is priceless in getting the medical care for the horses and also getting them trained and ready for adoption. They are extremely selective about that! Heart warming!

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