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I feel the same way, most days. My horses are all so kind and so gentle with me. I am very grateful to them. My paint came from the feed lot, ready to ship to slaughter as a stud at around 10 years. He was gelded and treated nicely and in no time he had turned into the barn clown and people pleaser. My quarter was treated badly and abandoned, he loves whoever his one person is at any given time, and me, but is very untrusting of new people. My friesian loves all of his adoring fans and is just the kindest most gentle guy. He was abandoned at an age over 20 and the vet figures he is now somewhere over 30. He is slowing down, but no suffering. All of them regularly participate with other people, only adults with the quarter.

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You are obviously a horse softy like me, and your guys are obviously very grateful that you took them in. I wish I could save them all when I see their terror in the slaughter pipeline. Sadly , cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens go through the same terror, watching those in front of them fighting for their lives. it is so cruel, but most people have no idea. We have a local butcher who keeps animals overnight and then they are taken one by one into an enclosed room so they never witness what is coming, which is more humane.