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No black Elderberry for autoimmune condition???

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Thanks for the info. My next appt with my dermatologist is Sept. 20th. I'll ask her about it. Unfortunately most doctors shut down when you try to discuss supplements or over the counter meds. I somewhat understand because they don't have that training in medical school.

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@fdixon63 Hi - I hadn't heard of elderberry for my Oral LP. My dermatologist is very open to discussions. We do converse about medical abstracts either of us have seen regarding LP in all of its forms. I see him next on Oct 5 so will ask about this. My caution to you would be (as I learned painfully with having LP in almost all of its forms) is that what might not bother you now, may down the road, even a year or two so please be cautious.
*****May I ask why you are taking it? Do you have active/open lesions or are you using it prophylactically?*****

We're all in this LP war together!

@fdixon63 Hello. I note that @becsbuddy has mentioned me to you. I've had OLP since December but have never used Elderberry Syrup. As @johnbishop has told you in his message to you, I would strongly caution you against using it, for the same reasons that John noted. My dermatologist prescribed Clobetasol 4 x per day, and then raised that to 6 x per day. When that failed, he prescribed Protopic Ointment 2 x per day and I'm pleased to say I no longer have pain, and the mouth lesions are going away.
I hope your dermatologist appointment goes well and you get some good advice.
My personal opinion is that I would NOT take a chance on using Elderberry Syrup for your autoimmune LP, just as the warning on your Elderberry package states!
Good luck! Laurie