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Having 2 sets of DNA, I always think it’s the perfect fodder for a murder mystery. Lol. My blood DNA is different than taking a swab sample from my mouth.
Your question about autoimmune disease and transplant: with the transplant of an immune system from an unrelated donor, our immune system is actually reset. Previous auto immune disease disappears. However, it’s not to say another auto immune disease doesn’t start in the new system. And believe me, the side effects are not minimal. Transplants for MS patients, etc., are being used more frequently but it is hella arduous and there’s a mortality rate associated with the procedure, along with aggressive chemo to clear the Martow and lymph system. So there is heavy consideration before it’s used as the “cure”.
I’m truly sorry to hear about your auto immune disease causing chronic issues with your liver.

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I think mystery writer is your new calling, Lori. Excellent plot!

Very interesting about autoimmune diseases going away after stem cell replacement. Makes sense though. Doesn’t sound like a good option now certainly, but maybe offers some hope with future research, especially for the more devastating ones like MS and CFS. There are few medications that really work for most autoimmune diseases,

I take ursodial for PBC, although it doesn’t have a great track record. I think like 30% of those with PBC reject in the first year, then it increases, but not rapidly. My primary didn’t connect my symptoms which I had reported over many years, so that’s why it wasn’t diagnosed until I was in stage 3 liver cirrhosis. But, I’m very good to my new liver, so hopefully he’ll stay around for many years. Sjogren’s on the other hand has gone rampant after my transplant, never had any symptoms prior, so weird.