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Thanks for the great tip about the functional medicine doctors. I was prescribed trazodone because I was not sleeping and could not stay asleep for more than an hour or two a night. I’ve only been on the trazodone for the past week. It is a very small dose and it has helped me get some sleep (4-5 hours a night). I haven’t noticed any side effects from it yet. All of the symptoms were unfortunately present before I started taking it. My arm is healing well and on that front I am well ahead of schedule, per my physical therapist. I’ve actually not had much of an issue with the arm. I drink quite a bit of water every day and have always taken care to ensure I am hydrated. I do walk every day and have been averaging about 23,000 steps a day which is a ton. I’ve always walked a lot, but mostly at work and on the golf course prior to this, lol. I haven’t noticed much of any shortness of breath while walking, so that is a good sign. It is truly baffling. For what it is worth the psychiatrist I saw thought it may have been an extreme sensitivity to a drug I was given under general anesthesia, and that it will eventually get better. It’s been 6 weeks so I am not so sure but I will say I’ve always been extremely sensitive to medications, which is why I try to avoid them whenever possible. Thanks for your insight and help!

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@stevetaylor721 Another suggestion I could make is to soak in an Epson salt bath. Most people are deficient in magnesium, and you will absorb that through your skin in the bath. Magnesium also helps you relax and it is needed for detoxification. If you are not able to sit in a bath, I have seen a lotion that contains epsom salts, and there are magnesium supplements. It takes about 20 minutes to absorb enough in the bath. This was a recommendation from my functional medicine doctor. I like doing this myself as I feel so much better afterward.

Hi CoachT, I thought I would jump in here for a minute too. You've been getting great support and coaching from @jenniferhunter so I don't have much to add. But you're used to being the coach, not needing coaching, right? I sure hope you can get answers soon so you can get back to golf and coaching your kids teams and the things that bring you joy.

Good for you for pursuing the recommendation of seeing a psychiatrist even though you were quite sure it wasn't an anxiety-related issue. It's good to have it ruled out for the record and for future physician consults to not dismiss the issue as a mental health issue. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Reading the complexity of the situation, I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to get an appointment at Mayo Clinic. Currently we are experiencing high volumes of requests and seeing record numbers of patients. It may just be a situation of volume and capacity. You could try again at a different location. Or, as Jennifer suggested, consider another larger learning medical institution that treat patients with a multidisciplinary team.

My mom is also extremely sensitive to drugs. General anesthesia is really tough on her. She has relatively simple bilateral bunion surgery a few years ago and the recovery from the anesthesia was more challenging that the surgery itself.

Are you still averaging 23,000 steps a day now? That is a ton!