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Hmm...I knew it was important to use probiotics while taking the Big 3 (it helped modulate the awful gut issues I had with those drugs). I know that whenever I am prescribed antibiotics I should add probiotics. And I have usually remembered to start my probiotic regimen for a while whenever I have gut issues.

But this is a new idea for me, so I did what I always do and started looking for scholarly articles on the subject. The reason I looked further is that Medical News Today is essentially a "sound byte" - a quick, short reference to a new or emerging medical topic, meant to pique your interest. The articles are short on details - about both the study and the conclusions, so more reading is necessary.

Here is one highly technical article I found, summarizing the findings of dozens of trials in mice, children and adults: https://www.mdpi.com/2304-8158/10/1/130/pdf

What I learned - Several studies showed increased defensive cells after trials with highly specific probiotic strains. A few reported decreased incidence of a specific virus (eg Influenza A) in a treated population, again with specific strains. Some were inconclusive. Few of the probiotic strains are included in significant quantities in commonly available probiotic blends.

My takeway - Probiotics may increase our ability to mount an immune defense against viruses, but figuring out which one to take, how much and for how long, still needs more study. I will continue to take probiotics that contribute to gut health when I need them, but wait for more guidance as far the contribution to immune health.

Does anyone else use probiotics daily?

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Yes, I take VSL#3, 2capsules daily. I find that it does help my stomach and IBS along with pantoprozole, Pepcid and bentyl. With the big 3 plus Clofazimine I could barely eat. With this regime my gut is much better. Appetite poor but far less pain.

Thank you for this information. I have been on Azithromycin, Rifampin and Clofazimine for 7 months and take a Probiotic ( Activia smoothie 190 ml ) daily. I am getting a “tan” from the Clofazime. My Respirologist has warned me about possible nausea as the Clofazime accumulates in my gut. To lessen this nausea and fatigue I am trying to follow the anti nausea recommendations ( on the Web for cancer patients), but do weaken and then “pay” for that. I do use Pepcid almost daily as well.

I am about to have surgery on Sept 22. I have been advised to stop all meds and supplements up to 7 days prior to surgery. Should probiotics be taken prior to and continued up to surgery?

I love this group! Sue (I want to grow up to be like you🧡) your mind, heart, and research keep us straight during this journey with MAC….thank you. Here are my 2 cents…

Have always believed in probiotics…even before they became branded and marketed (was a modern hippie of the 70s and worked in a health food store for pocket change). I do believe my overall health for 40 plus years as an adult taking probiotics proves the gut/health relationship (because I have some horrible family history and genes to ameliorate upon); in spite of this acquired villain MAC, and some undiagnosed “most likely “ connective tissue issue….I am really strong & healthy.

I found most my faith is guarded well by this UK producer…Optibac Probiotics. They stand by not all probiotics address everything equally. They…as our ID docs firmly warn us to treat the “specific kind” of invader MAC…the specific species/kind. Optibac also warns that the system/organ affected merits specific kinds of probiotics. Different strains for different symptoms, ailments, issues. They offer good science, support from nutritionists/scientists/ research/ trials. All can be found on the website. I even communicated with staff regarding the FedEx delivery…time…heat…transport ..etc. They responded to my email over night and reassured my doubts on safe delivery of products.

I presently take one type for digestive issue and another to address my immune system. Both help me stay at my optimum, I also consume plant based diet and fermented foods…not to mention my boiled water regimen (lots of water).

So, I am a firm supporter of probiotics; just caution all to always back up claims with the best available research, manufacturers, and testimonials.

Stay strong and well.