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Y-90 liver cancer treatment

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I just want to update my Y90 friends on this blog. I'm happy to report that 2 months post second treatment I am doing exceedingly well. I had three liver carcinomas two active and one benign which became active. First Y90 shoot was in July of 2020 that killed one and partially killed another. After the benign guy became active I had another round of Y90 late July of this year. The result is all three are dead and my APF tumor markers have returned to normal. I thank God everyday for this amazing treatment. If Y90 has been recommended to you please consider it. It worked. Would be happy to discuss.

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So glad to hear your good news!

What is an AFP rumor market?
And would your treatment work for someone that had melanoma that spread to his liver? A biopsy was not done to confirm if it was melanoma in the liver or another form of cancer. Should it be biopsied? Or do oncologists just assume that it’s the same form of cancer

This is great news, Diane. I appreciate your returning to update everyone. What is next? How frequently will you have followup appointments?

Thank you for your awesome news. I just found out my cancer has spread to my liver. Yet to see my oncologist for what is next. So will definetly will be asking him about Y90. Hopeing they do it around my area.
I am excited. about it. When you tell people it has moved to your liver they give you "that look" likes is over. But I have great faith in our doctors. So please keep me informed. I would like to know if everyone gave you that LOOK? Thanks so much. I am encouraged.

First of all congrats for all your good news. So where did you get this done (the Y90)? my lung cancer spread to my liver. I asked my oncologist about the Y90. He shook his head no. Do you know why he said I am probabdly now eligable? I see him again next week and will ask again.. I just feel like anything I do will help! I am near Sanford University and will inquie there again about this. And again congrats!!!

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