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Hi, I know this post is from awhile ago but did you ever resolve your weight loss? I believe I went undiagnosed 4 years ago and then was diagnosed three months ago. I took Vancomycin. I initially lost weight and then I changed my diet completely with limited gluten, less dairy, less sugar…so it’s understandable that I lost weight but I have been trying to keep weight on after losing 30 pounds in 3 months. I was overweight though 3 moths ago. So, although the weight loss numerically is not that concerning, I question when the weight loss will stop. I have one very big and lose (often more yellow in color) BM a day. So, the doctor is not concerned but I am. I’m taking a probiotic, eating fermented foods, I can’t take zinc it reignites the Cdiff, but I’m looking for vitamins and would like to see how people maintained weight. I’m also eating a whole avocado a day for fat. I’m just worried. Thank you for any info and for reading.

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Hello it took about a little over 3 months for me to stop loosing weight but I couldn’t gain weight anymore. It has been a year now and my body finally seems to be getting back to somewhat normal. I put on about 4 pounds from the weight I lost and that’s about it. I am still eating clean and taking vitamin D omega 3 and probiotics. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and the good carbs gluten free multigrain bread and all lactose free cheese and yogurt. Did the doctor tell you anything about your weight?