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What's your review of Cochlear Osia 2 System?

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Honestly, a surgeon where I live put in a prosthesis that he claimed would help. I never heard of this before as opposed to the cochlear implant. I went for it and it did not work. Twice he did the surgery and it did not take.
Due to this small prosthesis in my right ear, I found that my hearing was getting worse. So I decided to get another opinion on what I needed to do. I tried to schedule an appointment in Austin TX which is about an hour out from me and they were booked up for months. So I went out further to San Antonio TX which Dr. Perry saw me in a week and let me know that he wished he would of seen me first before I let the other surgeon put this device in my ear. He suggested a cochlear implant but I did not want a wire hanging from my ear(people tend to stare) then he let me know of this new device and brought it to me. He let me look at it and feel it. He Explained how it works and I went for it. All I kept thinking about is NO MORE HEARING AIDS. I wanted that device and I qualified due to my severe hearing loss and yes the bone conduction has to be good for this device to work. This surgeon let me know I was his first normal patient. He stated that he only had patients with missing ears and major deformities and I was his first normal patient to do surgery. Needless to say he was thrilled with the out come of the surgery and device. This device is one step up from the baha but slightly different from the way it was explained to me. It is sleek, hidden and just amazing. Never heard of the bicross hearing aids. I will look into that as well. I have some friends that have some hearing loss but are afraid of surgery.

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My question about bicross hearing aids was in response to Cooper12345. nat2021, it sounds as if you have had Cochlear's Osia2 device implanted. Pleased to know this is working well for you.

I have had a cochlear implant since 2005 and don't have a wire hanging down from my ear. It has been a miracle that has allowed me to remain in the hearing world.

Why are people so concerned about a device that works well showing?