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What's your review of Cochlear Osia 2 System?

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I just happened to do a quick internet search of Osia to see if there were more user testimonials out since there weren't many when I got mine back in January (activated in February) of this year (2021). I LOOOOOOOVE MY OSIA!
I've had issues with my left ear since childhood and I always considered it my bad ear. I had ear surgery to repair my left ear drum when I was 8 years old, which resulted in my ear canal growing smaller than it should be. I've had moderate hearing loss in that ear since childhood (it's hard to hear conversations well). Then, in October 2020, I went deaf in my right ear (SSHL)--the ear I've relied on all these years!
I work at a college and sometimes teach classes, so I needed a remedy quickly. I did my research and knew I wanted a bone-conduction device. I had my Osia 2 implant surgery in January and the device was activated in February. My out-patient surgery lasted three hours. I was pretty sore (probably from having my neck held to the side during surgery) for about 10 days. Once my swelling went down and the soreness dissipated, I started feeling better. Note: It was all completely tolerable and worth it.
I've got to run, but I'll come back and share more information this afternoon.

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I don't believe this device is appropriate for for individuals with profound to severe sendori-neural hearing loss
It is for conduction I believe

How long was your recovery?
My surgery was moved and now it’s 4 weeks before a relaxing Beach vacation that I’ve booked. I don’t want to still be in pain and wonder if I should cancel my trip.