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What's your review of Cochlear Osia 2 System?

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I just had the Osia 2 anchorage system implanted in my right ear on July 13 2021. The short surgery was not painful as I was under anesthesia, and it was just a little uncomfortable for a couple of days. My scalp is still numb on my right side although I am getting more feeling week by week. I received my processor on August 16th, and the change was immediate. Before surgery I was completely deaf on my right side due to sudden hearing loss 2 years ago (with severe vertigo). I tried the Cros, but my ear canal was too tiny to hold it, and it sounded like a tin can, Now I can hear everything through the bone conduction. Although I do have a regular hearing aid for my good ear, I do not use it unless I am going out in public. I no longer need it to watch TV or in one on one conversation because the Osia picks up the slack. I used to view TV with the closed captions because I would miss most of what was said. I can now tell where sound is coming from including when I am driving. I was becoming somewhat reclusive because I simply could not hear anything in a group, and I was also concerned that I could not tell what direction an emergency siren was coming from when I was driving. The Osia has been life changing for me. I do get a mild, occasional feedback, but we are still in the process of adjustment for the processor. I am wearing it for a month and making note of any issues, although I will say there are very few. We can make adjustments when I go back for followup. It has literally opened up my world.
If your ENT considers you a good candidate, you should definitely consider the Osia 2.
In answer to your question about sleeping, you do not sleep with the Osia attached. It is attached to a magnet in your scalp, and you simply remove it to sleep, shower, swim, etc. There is a waterproof cover you can purchase if you wish to use the processor while swimming. For the first three weeks after surgery, I did not sleep on the implant side,, but now I do. I hope this helps. If you have other questions, just post here.
Oh, and one other thing, the audiologist will have an Osia attached to a headband that you can try our to see if it will work for you. Even though the headband made a big difference, it is even better with the magnet on the bone.

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Thanks so much for the excellent feedback. What was the time from start to satisfaction?

This device changed my life. I am an ER NURSE so this makes hearing amazing!

Thank you very much for this detailed response. I am trialling an Osia at the moment with the band on my head. It is changing my life. I must decide whether to proceed with the implant. I am leaning towards a yes. I have yet to trial ordinary hearing aids. Julie