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Thank you Elizabeth! I do agree on assertive not necessarily aggressive 🙂. I will get through this and hopefully all will be good! It's just become tiring coughing so much and being short of breath. I am a massage therapist and it's terrible if I cough during someone's session. But I'm going to keep a positive attitude🤗

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I have been reading through all the responses here, and thought I would mention that having an autoimmune disease, with a high SED rate, can place you at risk for a lung condition called bronchiectasis, which may be missed in diagnosis, or may be what was called "small airways disease" in the report. Asthma also increases your risk. If so, the opacities may be a mark of a lung infection, further supported by your reports of coughing and tiredness. In the testing, has anyone asked for a sputum sample, or suggested a bronchoscopy to "harvest" some mucus from your lungs for testing?

My bronchiectasis went undiagnosed for years, and by then I had lung infections from 2 types of bacteria, was coughing constantly, and could barely walk a block.

Knowing what I do now, after finally getting my life back, I would suggest that you see a pulmonologist. If you can, find one who lists bronchiectasis among their areas of interest (or ask to talk to their nurse before scheduling.) If it is possible for you, you could also check into being seen at Mayo (Minnesota, Florida or Arizona), National Jewish Health (Denver) or Cleveland Clinic, all of them with a great deal of experience in this condition.


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