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Atypical GERD symptoms

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Still feeling really “off”. I’ve decided to try weaning off of famotidine to see if that helps with hot flashes, anxiety, and fogginess. My stomach has been pretty good with DGL and a round of doxycycline (prescribed for tick bite!) Added a probiotic after antibiotics at suggestion of nutritionist. Anyone else had side effects from famotidine?

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Are you keeping a journal? A journal can help figure out what is going on.

Write down when your symptoms get worse… or better what happened?

Write down everything you ate. … When you ate and any reaction to the meal. Try eat 4-5 meals a day instead of 3 and see if that helps.
Write down your bathroom habits… how often and with bowels if constipation, diarrhea, how often.. urgency.

Record your medication… when you took it and how it made you feel. (It good to go over your medication list with a pharmacist.. they can tell you how far apart you should take medication… some medications need to be spaced apart. They know more about drugs than your doctor and can tell you how you can take them to work best. Include a list of over the counter medications such as supplements.)

Record your blood pressure and weight. Blood pressure is not hard to take at home and the machines do not cost a lot.. I'm sure more than last year though.

Record your sleeping habits.

Record your activity.

Record your pains.

Record how you feel mentally. Are you stressed? Feeling overwhelmed? Sad? Depressed? Happy? Moody? Irritable?

Record everything!!

Before talking with your doctor next time…

Write a summary of your journal.
Write down questions to ask… leave space between questions on the paper to write the doctor's answers.
Have a person with you if possible… one that listens well. Have them take the notes of the visit.

I hope you start feeling better soon.