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Controlling Tinnitus: What works for you?

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Sorry to hear you had tinnitus after your vaccine. I saw your wish that CDC list all side effects. I suspect that this may happen in the future, but with the new vaccine, data is still being collected and evaluated.

In VAERS there were 9000 reports of tinnitus after vaccine – around 2% of all VAERS reports, and about 4000 consulted a doctor. But out of over 200,000,000 people who have received vaccine, that amounts to about 5/100,000.

I suspect that worsening of many previous conditions after vaccine is the result of our immune systems ramping up, and sending whatever caused the condition in the first place to get worse temporarily. Thinking back to vaccination, my tinnitus got worse, but I didn't even connect the two because just about anything from a cold to loud noise can change it too. As I sit here today, I can hear the crickets, but yesterday the ringing was so loud I didn't.

Here is some food for thought:
If EVERY potential side effect from sore arm and fever, to tinnitus, to neuropathy, no matter how rare, were listed at the door of the vaccine clinic, how many people would turn away?
How many people would end up with a Covid infection and far worse consequences instead?

I hope as your system settles down and the tinnitus recedes to its previous leve.

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Hi Sue, I agree my tinnitus can go from soft to loud very quickly from a thousand different things for sure.
Transparency is very important to so many people. In my opinion I think it would have been good to be prepared. It would not have changed my mind. I retired from medical and have many nurse,doctor, PT and other friends that all converse on a regular basis.
This group, though rather small feel many are still not participating because they don’t know enough. My job is to try to educate my friends and family as best I can with all the info we have gathered. I hope to help even one person a day have the info they don’t to get vaccinated. That’s all we can do. In the end it’s very personal. I woke up better today so maybe it’s back to my normal, hope so.

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