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Seizures/how to dose CBD/medical marijuana

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Hello Santosha,
Perhaps Our neurologist doesn’t have any experience, or time to do research. I don’t really know. But I talked to someone today whose mother had been having seizures her whole life, daily. She is on many meds and lately started taking CBD oil which softened her seizures. Her neurologist had given her guidance in CBD dosages to this women and it is helping her very much according to her daughter.
This is in another province, and for that reason my daughter can’t see this doctor, but I do have hope that we will find something here, in Saskatchewan.
I wish you all the best as well, alla

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Hi Alla (@alla1967alla)!
Great to know that, thanks for sharing! I am having the same experience as this mother, my seizures have become softer with the medical marijuana treatment. Before, when I had a seizure, my day was over. Nowadays, when I have a seizure, I still feel it, but it does not stop my day as before. I rest a bit and then retake my activities.
A virtual appointment with the doctor/neurologist of this mother would not be an alternative for you and your daughter? I myself have virtual medical appointments whenever it is possible because of the pandemic here in São Paulo/Brazil. Doctors over here have become quite flexible in this respect. I understand that a neurologist does not need to see the patient in person to give guidance in medical marijuana treatment. Or perhaps the neurologist of this mother could refer you and your daugther to a neurologist with medical marijuana experience in your region? I have just looked on the internet if there is a site of an association of medical marijuana doctors and have discovered a site that helps you find a doctor with medical marijuana treatment experience: marijuanadoctors.com. Perhaps there are other sites like that?
Have a nice week!