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SPR Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (SPRINT)

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@katec Hi Kate, I like the fact that the SPRINT is not implanted and is only for a certain number of days. It really sounds less potentially dangerous, and that is good. I am happy you will look into it extensively. As far as the Benfotiamine, I learned about it right here, in the Neuropathy group. Benfotiamine is a fat soluble form of thiamine that is much more bio available than plain thiamine (vitamin B1). I gave it a try, and within 48 hours, my foot nerve pain went down considerably. Many hours of the day, I am pain free. I take two pills a day, 300mg. each, and buy Best Vite Benfotiamine on Amazon. I heard that it can take up to one month to work, and a person can take up to 1,000 mg. a day. I assume I was low in thiamine due to having a breast tumor three years ago. Cancer can lower thiamine levels. Benfotiamine has been like a miracle for me. I buy it on Amazon. I have been on every med available for neuropathy, and nothing worked at all. That includes Cymbalta, Lyrica, Gabapentin, Tramadol, Duloxetine. Low Dose Naltrexone, and some old time anti depressants I cannot remember the name of. If you have questions, get back to me. My best to your son; too young to be dealing with this, for sure. LoriRenee1 Lori

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Hi Lori, we spoked by phone months ago about Kratom. I was diagnosed with idiopathic small fiber neuropathy about 6 years ago, and have tried all of the usual drugs out there and none really works. I went to the Mayo Clinic this past June, and was there for 4 days of testing, some of which I have had in the past. They confirmed my diagnosis and that was it. Since then I have tried a SCS from Abbott and the relief did not justify permanent implantation. I am scheduled for a sympathetic nerve block in 2 weeks, which I have never had. After that I may try the trial run of a DRG stimulator. I know the Abbott rep really well, and she did a great job during the first trial. If that fails, Georgia should have a medical marijuana distribution system in place hopefully by the middle of next year.

The trip to Mayo was interesting, but that’s all. I was in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 40 years and I must say my industry has dropped the ball big time in researching and finding how to reverse neuropathy. Unfortunately, I know of nothing that is really significant in the treatment of neuropathy coming out anytime soon. I am glad B1 helps you. I believe you tried a DRG stimulator in the past. I assume it didn’t work for you.

Hang in there!

Hi Lori. I have been on the same path that you have experienced with no positive results. Still on Gabapentin but would like to get off. I was glad to hear you have got some relief from Benfotiamine. I am interested in giving it a shot. I was curious however as to whether you are Diabetic. There is mention of Diabetes in the research of Benfotiamine. I have gone through the Veriflex Spinal stimulation trial with no improvement. Dr now wants me to try the Sprint PNS. Not able to find a lot of info about it. I suffer from severe back pain and lots of problems with my feet from neuropathy. Thank you for the information you have posted. Best of luck to you.......