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SPR Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (SPRINT)

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Hi Lori, thanks so much for your input, I really appreciate it! It’s a lonely space out there when it comes to making decisions about a condition that doctors know very little about and have been unsuccessful treating! I will do a thorough check of this procedure if we move forward. I really like the pain dr we are working with as he is low pressure and all about informing us of the options and the pros and cons to each. He answers my phone calls (happily 🤣) when I call asking a question that my son has asked and is no pressure! This stimulator is different since it’s placed above the knee and not directly into the spinal cord so that makes me feel a bit better about it. It is entirely my sons decision as he’s old enough now to decide what he wants to do with his body. We looked into Calmare therapy this summer and spoke to a dr in FL about it (extremely nice man) but ultimately decided against it since my son hasn’t responded well to anything electrical and the word “Scrambler” completely freaked him out. The de said it’s geared mainly towards CRPS patients but has seen some success with SFN but a low percentage. So far my sins SFN has been untouchable by anything we’ve tried so I didn’t want to put him through that treatment with such a low success rate. Anyway, I’m hoping now that school has started up again and he’s having to walk the halls (painfully) he may consider the Sprint device as an option.

I’ve never heard of the Benfotiamine you mentioned. I’d be willing to give that a try even though his SFN isn’t because of diabetes/sugar, just maybe he’d see some relief!! What dose do you take? I noticed it comes in 100, 200, 300mg. I’ll definitely do more research on it! A supplement always sounds better than meds or devices!!!!

Thank you again for all the info, I’m so grateful for it!


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@katec Hi Kate, I like the fact that the SPRINT is not implanted and is only for a certain number of days. It really sounds less potentially dangerous, and that is good. I am happy you will look into it extensively. As far as the Benfotiamine, I learned about it right here, in the Neuropathy group. Benfotiamine is a fat soluble form of thiamine that is much more bio available than plain thiamine (vitamin B1). I gave it a try, and within 48 hours, my foot nerve pain went down considerably. Many hours of the day, I am pain free. I take two pills a day, 300mg. each, and buy Best Vite Benfotiamine on Amazon. I heard that it can take up to one month to work, and a person can take up to 1,000 mg. a day. I assume I was low in thiamine due to having a breast tumor three years ago. Cancer can lower thiamine levels. Benfotiamine has been like a miracle for me. I buy it on Amazon. I have been on every med available for neuropathy, and nothing worked at all. That includes Cymbalta, Lyrica, Gabapentin, Tramadol, Duloxetine. Low Dose Naltrexone, and some old time anti depressants I cannot remember the name of. If you have questions, get back to me. My best to your son; too young to be dealing with this, for sure. LoriRenee1 Lori