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Speech, movement, sleeping with LBD..Ideas?

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He has had 3 sleep studies. He does have rapid eye movement behavioral sleep disorder. This fits with his diagnosis of PTSD and LBD. I don't think another sleep study would be in his best interest unless the study would allow me to stay with him. Also, he would probably be greatly distressed if he woke up with all of those wires all over him.
So far we have managed to sleep together- well he sleeps and I stay on guard most of the night to protect him from himself and to protect me from his unknown actions. We do have a row of heavy pillows between us for an added layer of protection. The CPAP has something to do with better sleep quality, but he often takes it off and then he begins his kicking and moaning.
As your last sentence states, you want to give your best…that was heart wrenching…because that is all that most caregivers want to do and personally- it can be quite a joy to be able to take on so many new responsibilities and a weight to try to figure out what is going on in someone's mind…and to try to make the best possible preparations for the twisty, curvy, unpredictable road ahead for both of us. It is amazing how strong love can be ….and at the same time life's circumstances can make it so painful.
Thank you again for all you do for others through this connection….
Together everyone is stronger!

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Glad he has done the sleep studies. Didd they aver try anything like clonopazem? Some folks have good luck with melatonin. I personally utilize CBD products to help me sleep. Thats about all that will let me get a decent 6 hour's sleep.
I think he knows he is blessed to have you.
Thank you for your dedication and wonderful outlook of the rewards of caregiving.

Love = everything

Larry H

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