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Speech, movement, sleeping with LBD..Ideas?

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My heart breaks for the LBD heroes. My hubby only admits to hallucinations when we are at medical offices- says he doesn't want to upset me. There are times where he mentions barking dogs but there are none…or he looks at something suddenly and then shakes his head as if to clear his mind. However, he does not verbalize these things so I, among many on this discussion forum, really appreciate your exceptional writing ability and your clear communication. You would be an excellent counselor for LBD patients and families.
I will add that I am confused about the horrific nightmares becoming almost non-existent…he has run into walls, dived off the bed, shouted military style orders,
bruised my ribs and broken my nose (always with great remorse when he wakes up) and now there is only an occasional groaning or a sad whimpering. The softer voice and speech difficulties are consistently deteriorating….his memory is in decline…..other signs are in line with LBD. I guess I am just wondering if some symptoms go away or decrease as the disease progresses? He does have good days for awhile where I feel like this is all a horrible mistake, then days where he is in "Lewy Land" (borrowing your phrase), and I have the privilege of spending comfort time with him. If all of this is confusing for me, my heart breaks for the patients.

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Has e ever had a sleep study done? RSBD – rem behavior sleep disorder is very commo. We dont fully go to get into rem sleep where our body becomes paralyzed like most so we act our our dreams. My wife and i have decided not to chance sleeping together. We had a couple of close Calls and i didnt want to take any chances. That was 4 years ago. Miss it but know it’s for her best.

I to have good days where i am pretty good then other that are worse than usual. All part of it.

As to your questions about stuff going away – everybody is different. In my case things are slowly but noticibally. deteriorating. But like i said everyone is different. Plus I have muscular dystrophy which throws another layer of fun stuff.

I am blessed to have this way of communication still. Voice isn’t good and sometimes speech is very difficult – especiaally in social situations. To much going on for my mind to process- overload.

But am still slow to type. This has taken 15 minutes to do.

Bear with us. We want to give you our best – whatever that looks like.

Larry H

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