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Pancreatic cancer reoccurrence

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So sorry to ask about this…..what is the best way to see if you have pancreatic cancer….MRI or CT….. I am on Creon also

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This probably isn't the right thread for this post but scans only show "something" is there. Due to the pancreas' location, to my knowledge, the scans are verified using endoscopic ultrasound guided biopsies. That's how we found out about my wife's stage 3. No symptoms other than back pain.

Hello @rexsan20

You ask a good question about diagnosing pancreatic cancer. Does your doctor do MRIs and blood tests to check on your pancreas? Since you take Creon, you probably have a history of pancreatitis?

I'm going to invite one of our members, @marvinjsturing, who has been dealing with pancreatic cancer to talk about his experience with testing.

Here is the link to the National Pancreas Foundation website,https://pancreasfoundation.org/. You might find some helpful information there.

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