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Vagina pains

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@loribmt I am not sexually active and I am not on any form of birth control. I suspected that it was a cyst of some kind when i felt a LOT of pressure down there on Sunday and I had to walk like a penguin. I googled Bartholin Cyst and the symptoms seemed pretty similar. Whenever I wipe, very gently, there is one part that seems inflamed and tender to the touch. The burning sensation was actually the first symptom I experienced before I even figured that it was a cyst. At first, because of the slight burning I thought it was just some minor irritation from wiping too hard with toilet paper. This has happened many times before. But then by Sunday it had gotten to the point where I could barely walk, sit or stand so I googled cysts and Bartholin was the first result and they recommended doing sitz baths. I also watched a bunch of videos where people were able to get rid of these cysts by doing these baths multiple times. Weirdly enough, I was actually feeling much better yesterday and there was only a slight burning sensation but this morning it came back full force! I am going to see how I feel tomorrow and then make a trip to see the gynecologist.

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I just noticed you posted a new question about the Bartholin cyst and how long it takes to disappear. I’d checked for past replies in the group and haven't seen any conversations regarding the cysts. Hopefully your question draws someone’s attention who’s had this happen.

In the meantime, wow, what you’re telling me sounds horribly uncomfortable. You mentioned not wanting to go to a doctor right now because you’re concerned about surgery.

But you also really don’t want to go on like this, right? It may only warrant a prescription for antibiotics to get this swelling to go down. Delaying treatment though could make it more difficult to treat.
I know, it seems that situations like this always happen at the most in opportune times!!

We’re all guilty of hoping things will clear up on their own and often that’s the case. But since your cyst responded to the sitz baths, felt better and now it returned full force might mean Mother Nature might need a little assistance in getting it under control long term.

Good luck with your appointment! Will you let me know what you find out?