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Vagina pains

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Hm. Yup, your age shoots that theory of dryness.
Let’s see if we can narrow the clues down a little.

What other symptoms do you have? What made you suspect a Bartholin Cyst? Do you have a lump or swelling in the tissue? Any Itching?

Interesting that you get relief when you urinate. Did this sensation of burning begin after you started taking sitz baths? Or has it been there all along? I’m just curious, though soothing, if that could be irritating the vaginal area.

Another thing that can cause irritation is if you’re sexually active and sensitive to the lubricant or anti spermicide of condoms. I used a foam contraception eons ago, and had a similar reaction of irritation and burning. I can’t remember what my doctor told me to use now but it was a topical gel that helped calm things…and then switching the birth control methods.

We women are prone to a common, minor infection called vaginal vagosis. It can develop when too much of a specific bacteria grows in the vagina. And of course, the dreaded yeast infection but those tend to make themselves known pretty readily. Do you notice any unusual discharge?

If this persists you might have to visit your friendly gynecologist to find out for sure what’s going on. You don’t want put up with this for too long.
Have you had a pelvic exam?

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@loribmt I am not sexually active and I am not on any form of birth control. I suspected that it was a cyst of some kind when i felt a LOT of pressure down there on Sunday and I had to walk like a penguin. I googled Bartholin Cyst and the symptoms seemed pretty similar. Whenever I wipe, very gently, there is one part that seems inflamed and tender to the touch. The burning sensation was actually the first symptom I experienced before I even figured that it was a cyst. At first, because of the slight burning I thought it was just some minor irritation from wiping too hard with toilet paper. This has happened many times before. But then by Sunday it had gotten to the point where I could barely walk, sit or stand so I googled cysts and Bartholin was the first result and they recommended doing sitz baths. I also watched a bunch of videos where people were able to get rid of these cysts by doing these baths multiple times. Weirdly enough, I was actually feeling much better yesterday and there was only a slight burning sensation but this morning it came back full force! I am going to see how I feel tomorrow and then make a trip to see the gynecologist.