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Vagina pains

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Hi @leo01 Welcome to Connect. This is a community based forum where members can use their personal experiences to help each other find answers.
Why do our female plumbing fixtures have to be so insanely complicated, right?! I have no idea your age, but I have to admit after I hit menopause and now, more recently after my bone marrow transplant we’re talking Sahara Desert down there. The paper cut feeling I can relate to on personal level. I’m fine immediately after a shower but as the day progresses, ouch!

I discovered it is vaginal dryness and there are several remedies on the market. My doctor, at this time, isn’t comfortable with me taking any hormone replacement therapy or using the small hormonal balancing suppository type things that can be inserted. So I use a daily application to the outside of the labial area with good old A&D diaper ointment. You can also use KY jelly but this is more readily available to me.

You might give some KY jelly a try just to see if it’s a dryness issue. The dryness really does burn like fire or almost a tearing feeling. Sadly at this point my tissue IS like tissue paper and so it feels like it’s being torn easily as the layers tend to stick together. In my case, that’s what’s causing the feeling.

Have you seen your doctor about the symptoms just to rule out a UTI?

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Hi @loribmt, thanks for your response. I don't think it is a UTI because I have no pain when I urinate. Weirdly enough, that it actually when I feel the most relief! I am 22 years old so not menopausal but my period is due in a couple of days and this is the first time I have ever experienced this feeling so I am thinking it also has to do with hormonal imbalance. I am right there with you with the complexity of the female anatomy!!

You're way too young for the "dryness" @Lori. I didn't discover it until I turned 78. My urologist recommended VMagic. It works.