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No. I find everyone I have seen just says there’s no treatment and live with it. I exercise, keep BP and cholesterol under control, take vit Bs etc.

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Awaiting final diagnosis from ms specialist (is it MS?) recent MRI shows increased size number of white matter lesions since last MRI 2020. Based on my research and common sense, there are other things that can help besides bp and cholesterol control. Though that’s important. Exercise (!), lots of social and intellectual engagement, Mediterranean diet, reduce stress (ha), treat mental health issues — depression is common with WMD, sleep, hobbies. I’ve recently had a lot of falls balance issues and developed orthostatic hypotension/ syncope don’t know if it’s due to WMD, but I’m going to ask about PT and general fitness routine, I always feel better across the board when I walk. Need to get back at it. From my understanding, WMD is due to lack of blood flow to smallest nerves in the brain, getting the brain active should increase blood flow and oxygen. All of these recommendations are used to prevent, delay or slow dementia. WMD increases risk for dementia so it’s wise to follow. And whether or not WMD progresses, these things will help your brain. I did read a study that WMD can be halted or possibly reversed doing what I mentioned above. Sorry don’t have the cite for that.

Unfortunately there is just not a lot of info yet about WMD or specialists.