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Thank you for your response. I finished my low dose taper 2 years ago following the Mayo protocol. I do get injections in my shoulders twice a year and I am not sure how these impact the immune system.

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Hi Alan, cortisone is a wonder drug isn’t it? I’ve had my share too and what a difference it’s made in my life. Unfortunately all that wonderment can come with a price of lowering our immunity, bone density issues, etc..

Even though the shot is localized to your shoulder, it can still impact the entire body. It lowers the inflammatory response your immune system launches to fight injury or infections and reduces pain and swelling. In doing so it can also impact your immunity function. This then lowers your ability to fight infections.

It must be such a relief to have your PMR under control. But if you’re receiving cortisone injections twice a year for your shoulder the immune system can still be compromised. It’s not as though you have no immune system. It’s just going to react slower and maybe not as aggressively as it needs to if exposed to something that sounds the alarm to launch an attack.

So, just remain vigilant to potential avenues of infection like crowds of people and close contact indoors. Obviously Covid is the main concern right now but being immuno compromised, you should be cautious with any potential illness. Follow the Covid guidelines and really, if you’re at all unsure, toss a mask on! They are your first line defense against airborne illnesses.

Have you had the Covid vaccine? How did you weather that?