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Side effects of Finasteride

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Hi and Welcome to Connect, we are a group of patients and caregivers that share experiences to help others so we are not medical professionals. But hope to help others who share a particular condition.
I too take Finasteride 5 MG for my Enlarged Prostate. I haven’t experienced any of those side effects so I wonder if it may be caused by another medicine and or condition. Just some things to consider to bring up with your doctor. I hope you get some relief soon.

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Hello Mr Dana. Thank you for the sharing your experience with me.
I Didn't take any other medicine while using Finasteride but I am having beer or two in the evenings.
AGA clinic’s doctor and my doctor are both confused about this situation since there are no previous cases they have encountered. (I'm living in Japan)
To mention I have encountered weird situation. I started to see blood in the stool. So I went through a CT scan and there was no abnormality. When the numbness getting reduced by the time bleeding stoped.
I'm was confused. Tbh


How long taking Finasteride. I have BPH and take Tamsulocin. I understand Finsasteride is taken to reduce size. Is that working for you?? Are you monitoring size and what is happening there? i have resisted taking it but I am interested because I read articles that claim it can exacerbate aggressive prostate cancer. Very confusing.