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Seizures/how to dose CBD/medical marijuana

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Hi there! Just so I am understanding you correctly, you had a convulsion at age 5 and then there were no other issues until age 12? The strange experiences (seizures)…can you describe them? I agree with you on the EEG's as well as other tests they have run on my son. They aren't really accurate unless you're having seizure activity. It's the same with when they initially had my son do a barium swallow to check for reflux. Well, unless he was having reflux during the test, it comes back normal. That's why we finally found a GI who would do an endoscope. I am very curious about the gut/seizure relation and will definitely look into that. I'd be interested to know what happened at age 5 that brought on the convulsion? How scary that you were unconscious for 7 days following that episode. When my son had his first seizure, they just diagnosed him with convulsions, unspecified. They only last 30-45 seconds for him (at least the 3 he's had) but they are so sudden and I am so concerned that if they continue to increase in frequency, he is in danger of hurting himself.

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Hi Kerry,
Exactly, there were no other issues until I was 12 years old. As my epilepsy has been acquired, there is a latent period, that is the interval between the brain insult and the clinical presentation of seizures, which can last years. That is what has been explained to me.
Regarding the strange experiences (seizures) I had, today I know they were auras and deja vu experiences, very common in focal epilepsy in the temporal lobe. They lasted very few seconds and did not cause any inconvenience at that time. Nobody could notice them as they were non-motor. Today they last longer around 20 to 40 seconds (it is hard for me to say exactly how much they last, as my consciousness is impaired during the seizure). After the event at my grandfather's home, I just had one generalized seizure that has been provoked by the change of AED in 2019.
As I was just 5 years old when all that happened, I do not remember anything of this event. I just know it because my parents have told me when I was older. Better this way! But up to today, I am terrified of injections.
Yes, the earlier epilepsy is diagnosed and treated, the better! I understand well your fears. Let's talk privately.
Have a nice day!