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Did I stop growing?

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I am not a medical person… and can only share what is in my family history.

You may or may not have stopped growing. I stopped growing in height.. 5’6 1/4” around age 12 after being tallest in my classes all through elementary school. My dad about 5’10” and mom around 5’8”. My 3 brothers.. oldest 2 around 6’, next brother 5’10” and my sister 5’9”. Both of my grandmas were about 5’4” and grandpas were a little under 6’. My son and my sister's son are 6’4”. My daughter about 5’6”. .. my husband 5’10”. Both my children grew about 2 inches in their early 20s. Height varies from generation to generation… and the growth spurts can vary and slow down in your teens and you may grow a little when you are in your 20s.

As Ingegerd said there are test available. If you do have a hormonal imbalance that also can be addressed. Your primary doctor should be able to direct your parents and you to appropriate specialist. My sister started having her period at age 9 and me a couple of weeks before my 12th birthday. Sis had irregular, light periods… mine were regular and heavy. Just considered normal back in the dark ages.


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Ah I see! Thank you for your experience I’ll be sure to check that out.