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Seizures/how to dose CBD/medical marijuana

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I am so glad to hear that the CBD is working well for you. Can you explain what you mean when you say CBD leverages AEDs? I have not heard of Purodiol before. All of this CBD vs. THC for seizures is new to me. Since you tried both, which would you say had the best outcome? I see conflicting stories where some say CBD works best and others say THC is the way to go. I'm glad to hear that you are able to import the Purodiol to Brazil. I did request a referral to Mayo Clinic from my primary care doc but when I first tried to take my son there, the wait list was about 6 months. I did a little more digging on epileptologists...according to the profile of my son's neurologist, she is an epileptologist. I really like her but Mayo clinic has so many options on diagnosing where the seizures are coming from and several different treatments that are not available with my current neurologist. I live in Arizona. When I said "the card would do my son no good", I should have explained further. In Arizona, recreational marijuana use was recently approved. Now, anyone can go to a dispensary and get medical grade THC. Prior to that, the only way you could gain access to medical marijuana is through a doctor. There were certain qualifying conditions (such as seizures, chronic pain, migraines,etc). Once you saw the doctor, they would either approve you for medical marijuana or deny you. If approved, the information was sent to the state department and the state would issue you a medical marijuana approval card (kind of like a license) and then you could go to a dispensary. Without it, you would not be allowed in. But, that changed last year so everyone has access. The card wouldn't do my son any good because he is non-verbal and couldn't go to a dispensary and order anything. I know the dispensary's provide medical grade products but I don't know how pure they are compared to a prescription compound. I'm frustrated that my son's neurologist recommended CBD and THC but has no info on dosing.
Thank you again for sharing your experience with me. I just recently found this forum after I was frantically searching for help the day my son had his 3rd seizure and injured himself when he fell. Talking to people who can help guide us has been amazing and it's so inspiring to see the openness of everyone here.
Hope to talk again soon!

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Hi Kerry, Good Morning
Thank you! I am also very glad about the progress I made since I started taking medical marijuana, giving me new hope in my treatment!
I would say that pure CBD has been giving better results than full-sprectrum medical marijuana (medical marijuana with CBD, THC and other components of the marijuana) so far. My seizures have become milder since I am using pure CBD, they usually do not stop my day anymore.
When I said that CBD leverages AEDs, I mean that the CBD increases the dosage of the AED you take. For example, let say I take 200 mg of Vimpat and start taking CBD. The dosage of Vimpat in my blood will be more than just 200 mg that I took. How much does CBD increase the dosage of an AED in your blood, I do not know. It certainly depends on the dosage you take of both medications. But I have felt that myself. Every time my first medical marijuana doctor increased the dosage of the CBD, Vimpat’s side-effects became stronger. She then waited some time, before reducing the Vimpat and increasing the medical marijuana dosage again. Vimpat withdrawal was done little by little, as I mentioned before.
Thank you for the explanation regarding the card. Here in Brazil recreational marijuana is not approved. You can only get medical marijuana through a doctor's prescription. Again, very strange that your son's doctor prescribes medical marijuana, not helping you with the dosing. For me it would be the same as prescribing Vimpat, but without giving any orientation regarding the daily dosage of this AED.
Again, I am very happy to help. If you wish, we could schedule a zoom conversation and talk more. Just send me a private message.
Kind regards,