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Stage 2 Trials of Pirenzepine for Neuropathy

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My doctor straight up told me I was not worth the time to complete the application for. At least he was being honest about how he felt. The legality of this is something that you would have to consider on your own - but I know that Pirenzepine tablets are available for sale through other countries - I have seen others talking about that online. DMSO is available in the US. That is what Win-San-Tor is using as a carrier for the Pirenzepine. I am not sure how you would go about mixing up a 4% cream with those two pieces of information though. I also know that Win-San-Tor does not have enough supply for their clinical trials yet - and that they are working on building it up (to include supply for the expanded use program). They told me they expect to have enough supply by early next year for the expanded use fda program.

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Thank you for this information. If I could manage to find a place to compound a clean 4% topical absorbent topical, I'd do it but to date no luck. I am aware of the availability of pirenzepine in tablet form in Japan but not sure if it is the proper grade. I wonder why they have not published the stage 2 trials. My doc also questioned the small number of participants (59). I was hoping to find someone who has been down this road and has at minimum, anecdotal report on how it went so far. Please let me know if you should learn anything else on this subject. Chris

Hi, Can you tell me how you found out about Winsantor using DMSO? Or maybe a link that shows it.

Why is it impossible to get the results of Winsantor’s clinical trials 1 and 2 or Pirenzepine.