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I have metastatic breast cancer in multiple bones only. I have been having pain in lower right leg for months but it has not been addressed. I am finally getting a bone scan today. Just wondering if anyone has been told it doesn't usually spread below hips and pelvis. This is what my local oncologist has told me.

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I found an article on bone metastasis on breastcancer.org that discusses what bones are likely to be affected, it might also have some information to help you when discussing this with your doctor. You may have to be your own advocate for this. I am a survivor as well and find this to be hard in reality. Are you comfortable telling me more about your breast cancer journey?

Hello, when I was first diagnosed in June 2020 with MBC, it had spread to multiple bones which included both hips and my left femur. On Kisqali and Anastrozole since July 2020 and all bone lesions have metabolically resolved! Glad you are getting a scan I believe that is the best way to really know the situation and being your own advocate is a must! Good luck, let us know how the scan goes!

Hi @pammyt, here is the article that @auntieoakley referred to
– Bone Metastasis: Symptoms and Diagnosis https://www.breastcancer.org/symptoms/types/recur_metast/metastic/bone

According to the article, "the most common sites [of bone mets] are the ribs, spine, pelvis, and long bones in the arms and legs."

@leeann66, that's amazingly encouraging news that your bone lesions resolved with medication.

Pammy, how did the bone scan go? Are you currently on treatment for the existing bone mets?

Thank you, I thought I pasted that in but…………