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Good Morning. I recently had a (68)Ga-DOTATATE PET/CT because of a very high Chromogranin A level-1600. I also had facial flushing after eating high histamine/&/Spicy foods.
The results appeared to be within normal limits. My doctor recommended repeating the blood test every year.
I was told a high Chromogranin A level may be due to my PPI (nexium) 15 yr use for Portal hypertension. Also, chronic gastritis can raise blood levels .

However, I know have learned the injection of gallium solution protocol may be the day before testing. I had my injection & test in a two hour period. Any suggestions or comments regarding protocol of Gallium 68 PET -I would appreciate.

I would suggest working with a GI specialist, but also a reputable Immunologist/Allergist…identified my Chromogranin A issue. Also seeing a Homeopathic doctor-unorthodox but has help me a great deal.

I am located in NJ…if you need any doctor referrals. Wishing you the best.
Keep positive and follow your instincts.


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Replies to "Good Morning. I recently had a (68)Ga-DOTATATE PET/CT because of a very high Chromogranin A level-1600...."

Hello @tracyfurtiscaudle and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You have certainly done a lot of research on this matter of high Chromogranin A levels and I applaud your persistence in taking charge of your health and learning as much as you can.

You are certainly right, that there are many factors that can raise the Chromogranin A levels. The use of PPI meds is one of them. Your suggestion of seeing an immunologist and an allergist were good recommendations.

Could you share with us what foods are considered "high histamine foods?"

Where do you stand now with your symptoms? Have you found any other causes or treatments?