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2nd re-occurrence of Anaplastic Astrocytoma

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Hello @aa3 I'm Scott and I'm glad you found Mayo Connect and this area. My wife was 48 when she was diagnosed and began her 14+ year war with brain cancer, during which I was her caregiver.

From the very beginning of her journey, her litmus test/mantra was always 'quality over quantity'. While I know every patient, their disease, family concerns, journey, caregivers, etc. are unique, in her case this was a decision she never regretted.

While her goals changed over time (her first was to be with our son at this wedding) her focus on the quality of her life was always foremost in how she would/could work towards that, her subsequent goals, and each care option.

Again, just in her case, once she found a neuro-oncologist she really connected with she settled there and on his counsel, advice, and care.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Strength, Courage, and Peace

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Thanks @IndianaScott for your response and time. I understand and appreciate everyone’s journey through this disease is different. My challenge is – I have absolutely no symptoms. When I read all the side effects of these drugs and treatments, I will be worse than what I am today. But if I don’t do any treatment, am I doing an injustice with my family? Am I not giving a chance to have me around longer? I also do not want to be a burden and have them experience a dragged out process. I wish there was a switch that could be turned off when it was time – which in my case will be the time when I can’t take care of myself, when I can’t drive myself to my dr appointments!

If you could, can you share the type of cancer your spouse was dealing with and the treatment experience?
Thank you!

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