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The side affects you describe of his surgery, ADT, and radiation sound about "normal." Some of them such as weight, muscle, can be addressed through diet and exercise.
Your medical team should be able to discuss with him ways of mitigating the hot flashes, notice I did not say eliminate.
If he is not seeing a cardiologist, consider adding one to your medical team given the known cardio vascular side affects of ADT.
If he is still on ADT, consider asking your oncologist or urologist about intermittent ADT. It may be possible to stop, actively monitor and then restart treatment based on clinical data such as increasing PSA, imaging…
As to the sexual side affects, particularly from non nerve sparing side and ADT, well known and a challenge gto reinvent intimacy.


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Hi, Kevin! Thank you for your insight. Yes, I understand that almost everyone has those side effects – I was checking different sites before , trying to get an answer. Radiologist never mentioned that side effects can be so severe. His last and final injection of Eligard was 10 month ago. Overall he had a short – term ADT and that is completed. I am wondering that 10 month after last Eligard and last radiation 10 month ago, all the side effects are so severe.
Diet and exercise is very important, but he is not there – he is talking about doing it but does not have plans to do that. Every morning for him is a struggle : he feels nauseated and feels better after 5 cups of coffee and 15 minutes in the bathroom. Since operation he complains that the feeling inside like something is wrong, something is damaged.
Before this all his heart was good, he is a pilot, so, he was checked every half a year. A few month ago I took him to Emergency and he stayed in a hospital, coming out with one more diagnosis : A-fib. Yes, he is under cardiologist's care, too 🙂 . Oh, yes , bone pain – bone scan=all norm. Colonoscopia – all norm. The only thing in his blood test is so so: hemoglobin. None of all the doctors he is seeing ( endocrin.,primary care, cardiol.,.dermatologist ( he had a skin cancer 10 years ago and then 6 years ago), sleep apnea specialist.( life long sleep apnea). OMG! A lot to handle for him and…me 🙂