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When you took a break from Tymlos were the side effects the same when you started again or different maybe less? I still have pain in my knees and lower leg since I took Tymlos. Especially at night along with my RLS. I keep wondering if I should start it again and see how many more months I can go towards the 24 months. I am still fatigued and get done what needs to be not what I should do, Let me know if you go back Tymlos and how you are feeling. Be careful and stay safe. We live right in the middle of the hottest area in the USA. We do not go far but
stay home on the farm.

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@kilh I have been back with Tymlos for 6 days now. The fluid retention was really the problem that I was quite sure was from Tymlos and it obviously was. That has not resumed yet, it took about three months for it to develop before. I suspect it will take less time this time.

Since my statin had caused extreme joint and muscle pain before my doctor reduced it from 20mg to 10mg I decided to take a week off from that to see if that might actually be my problem. I now think it is the major cause of those pains. I have gone two nights without taking it and my legs don't hurt nearly as much. I have learned that is a very common side effect of statins. I think the statin is the major cause and Tymlos made it a bit worse. If without the statin the amount of discomfort I have now is from Tymlos, it's very tolerable. I have read that if a patient has this problem with one statin that a change to a different one may not cause the same problem. I will speak to my doctor about it at the beginning of next week if things continue as they are. I felt comfortable stopping it for a week because when I had severe pain before he had me stop it for a week so I think a week off of it is not a huge problem. There are other drugs that I would never stop though without absolutely checking with my doctor in advance. In most cases I think that's a risky thing to do.

Are you taking any other drugs that could be contributing to the pain you have? I was amazed to discover that three drugs I take can all cause muscle and joint pain. I guess with those odds I was bound to have some pain. One of the drugs is essential though so I would not play around with that at all.