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My husband is 74, was diagnosed stage 3a prostate cancer, had radical prostatectomy in December 13, 2019, ADT and 40 days of radiation and life was never the same since.
Fatigue all the time,
absence of energy,
hot flashes now more then before and more severe ( his testosterone level is 0. Yes, you read correctly ZERO, instead of 300-1000)
night sweats,
weight gain,
loss of muscle mass,
pain from the waist down,
100% incontinence,
change in bowel movement,
atrial fibrillation due to lack of testosterone,
hmm, what did I forget? Oh, about sexual functions doctor warned in advance that he can not spare the nerves. So, penile shrinkage for sure and no sexual desire whatsoever. His PSA was undetectable a half a year ago.
I think what makes him going is his government job, he works from home, 5 days a week from home office. Afternoon is spent in his big chair watching TV and checking stock market. He does not want to go for walks. And I am not talking about long walks. I take him in a car to places ( he still likes shopping :). ) The pandemic did it's job, we were isolated , masked, very careful not to bring some infection home and that paid off – so far so good.
Thank you for accepting me in the group.

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The side affects you describe of his surgery, ADT, and radiation sound about "normal." Some of them such as weight, muscle, can be addressed through diet and exercise.
Your medical team should be able to discuss with him ways of mitigating the hot flashes, notice I did not say eliminate.
If he is not seeing a cardiologist, consider adding one to your medical team given the known cardio vascular side affects of ADT.
If he is still on ADT, consider asking your oncologist or urologist about intermittent ADT. It may be possible to stop, actively monitor and then restart treatment based on clinical data such as increasing PSA, imaging…
As to the sexual side affects, particularly from non nerve sparing side and ADT, well known and a challenge gto reinvent intimacy.


Hi @baibaelizabete, welcome to the Prostate Cancer group. I can see you are concerned about the side effects of treatment that your husband is experiencing. It also sounds like you miss him, too. How are YOU doing?

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