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@kilh I take my Tymlos at night before going to bed and for the first few weeks I was very light-headed in the morning. I'm not sure it was extreme enough to classify as vertigo but I would not have driven with the feeling. Thankfully that passed. The only side effects I now have are fluid retention and possibly muscle and joint pain.

Fluid retention is generally in the belly and feet from what I have heard, and from what I have had. It is definitely from Tymlos because I stopped using it for two weeks and the fluid retention resolved almost totally. It took about 3 months before it started. My endocrinologist suggested I take a break to see if Tymlos was the cause because if not I would really need to address that and find out what the cause was.

I'm not sure that the muscle and joint pain are from Tymlos or something else. I am on three different drugs that mention them as potential side effects. The pain has been there since before I started taking Tymlos so something else is also responsible for it, but it's gotten worse so Tymlos may be exacerbating it.

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When you took a break from Tymlos were the side effects the same when you started again or different maybe less? I still have pain in my knees and lower leg since I took Tymlos. Especially at night along with my RLS. I keep wondering if I should start it again and see how many more months I can go towards the 24 months. I am still fatigued and get done what needs to be not what I should do, Let me know if you go back Tymlos and how you are feeling. Be careful and stay safe. We live right in the middle of the hottest area in the USA. We do not go far but
stay home on the farm.

I was just wondering with your fluid retention do you have any problem with a rectal prolapse due to excess fluid In your intestinal walls. Since I quit Tymlos I have been retaining fluid in my lower intestinal walls and rectum which now has led to a rectal prolapse. Also, pains in my knees and lower legs are off and on, especially at night. I hope you are doing ok if you are back on the Tymlos. Please keep me informed as to how you are doing if back on Tymlos again. Stay well and be safe no matter what you do.