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@larryh123 and @teacher502 i, too, have thought about all the ‘what if’s’. I’m trying to use this time to research and figure out what is available in the community. Sure, i can ask the neighbors, but not on a regular basis and we don’t have family near by.
I found the following programs that have offices in every state. Might be worthwhile investigating. Do you think any would be helpful?

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These are some other resources i found here on Connect.

The above are all good resources. Most states also have programs that are exclusive to the state and even the county sometimes. Take a look at the local programs - dont just rely on the bigger sources of info. Many are not aware of hat might be available locally.

There are also social workers that your doc might have some info on. For instance - I have a social worker assigned by Mayo. Haven’t had to use her yet, but just knowing she is there and has a wealth of knowledge with contacts in the community is comforting. Might be worth looking into.
Also - many churches have different ministries that will help folks with chores, housekeeping, meals, sitting with loved ones so you can get out of the house, rides to appointments, meals and more. Check with your church - you will be surprised,

Larry H