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PLEASE remember tho, that WE are NOT children--we LIVED FULL LIVES, met MANY responsibilities BEFORE our DISEASE, & OFTEN can COMPREHEND what is GOING on, even tho we may not be able to communicate completely or undetstandably!
It is VERY HARD for our brains to do 2 thibgs at once which is what talking takes: speak8ng AND thinking about what words to say!

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Well stated my friend. It’s great to have another patient - LBD here - for perspective.
When I first read the post I was taken back by the word children as well.

I really hope you will jump in and comment often to help others understand from our perspective.

I do know Colleen and know she would not try to demean any of us with a dementia.
With that said - totally agree with you on the multitasking, The idea of we comprehend what is going on. When you mentioned that even if we cannot communicate it we know - I say that a lot.

I do see this an example of the tension that can exist between patients and caregivers on the subject of communication.

I guess the moral of the story is - communicate. It may not look like it did before all of this - for us and our caregivers. We have found a couple of days to help understand each other better.
Make sure you have the other persons attention. Make sure they can see your face (to see expressions). We can see our expressions and kind of tell when the other is ready to turn over the talking stick. It can be a bit awkward - but it can work.

Be creative - ask us how it might be easier to explain things. Like you mentioned about multitasking. When one of my sons calls for some advice when doing some electrical work ( was an electrician for many years) I cant follow the conversation anymore. Too many steps to keep track of. Then some times I will be doing something and another shiny object goes by and what i was doing is out of mind.

Larry H

Thanks, @amesmassage. I realized I was aggravating my husband and throwing him off when I interrupted him in the middle of some task he was performing to raise something new. So, I have to control my impulses, step back, and let him do one thing at a time. Also, I accomplish more and have better focus when I do not multitask. Wishing you the best, @tsc

Oh my gosh @amesmassage and @larryh123, I am so sorry. I see how my message would get completely misinterpreted and be offensive. I was trying to convey - and not very well - that patience is so important and to remember that everyone is trying their best.

Truly, I have been schooled here and I thank you for drawing me up to task. My word choices were wrong.