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As one that is living with this stuff first hand - I can say that we (patients) also fret about what would happen of my caregiver has medical issues. I do. I dont drive so I couldn’t take my lovely wife and dedicated caregiver to appointments or even to the hospital.
We think about how we are going to help with things if this might occur.
Lots of things cross our minds.
Your mention of your hubby standing around a lot - I do the same. Sometimes I want to jump in and do something - but know that it isn’t really something I should be doing. Other times I am ready to jump in - just need a little prodding. When my wife feels mine “lurking” (our word) she will ask if I want to help and remind me how we used to do this or how i used to enjoy this.
These are just a few thoughts from “in here”.

Caregivers are in many ways - super women and supermen - superhero’s in our minds. And n the minds of those watching. - and there will be plenty.

So do something nice for yourself today. Take a walk - talk to an old friend, g to the beach, have a good stiff drink, read a book - just do smoreting for yourself. We need you to do that.
In our minds - we know we can be a burden. My wife used to wake up and wonder which Larry she is going to get today.
The waning between good and not so good days is a roller coaster for you and us.
We’d rather be able to stop the ride and get off - but we cant.

Thank you for all that you do for us.

Larry H

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Larry, I learn a lot from your posts. You're always so upbeat and thoughtful. Thank you!

@larryh123 and @teacher502 i, too, have thought about all the ‘what if’s’. I’m trying to use this time to research and figure out what is available in the community. Sure, i can ask the neighbors, but not on a regular basis and we don’t have family near by.
I found the following programs that have offices in every state. Might be worthwhile investigating. Do you think any would be helpful?