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@a2perry I've tried everything except for the needles, which I can't afford, and nothing did the job. I made the arrangements with a urologist in January of last year – pre-covid – for a penile implant, just when the hospital stopped all elective surgeries. I told the urologist that if my arm suddenly stopped working, it would be essential surgery, so why not a penis? And now, with the implant planned for mid September, it's pretty likely going to be put on hold again because of the Delta variant.

The implant I'm getting eventually is the Titan. From what I've seen, it's the most natural one, and it's dependable. Viagra helped at first, but then it didn't. I take quite a few meds and that could well be the cause of my ED. Antidepressants, anti anxiety, morphine for neuropathy pain in my feet and legs. I have two types of neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy affects the extremities, numbness, pins and needles, and burning pain. Autonomic neuropathy is another whole subject. It hits in all kinds of places. For me, double vision, OAB, RLS, balance,reduction in smell and taste, and ED is likely related to it, along with the medication side effects.

Sorry if I'm not saying anything relevant to your situation. Just letting you know what's worked and what hasn't for me.


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Jim, Thanks for your response. You have given me some food for thougut. Good luck with your quest.

Thanks Jim. I am not at that point yet but if the pump doesn't work your info will be helpful SA shots would probably be the next option.