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How To Decide Next Steps After Lumpectomy.

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Sep 26, 2021 | Replies (60)

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@ngguil4d, any update? How are you doing with decision-making?

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Yes - After seeing my MO on July 29th everything was so much clearer. Wish I had been able to see her a few weeks ago. I might have lost less sleep - LOL. I am on my 2nd day of 3 weeks / 5 days a week of whole breast radiation therapy and that will be it. No endocrine therapy. My tumor was less than 5 mm. If it had been greater than 5 mm she would have recommended the endocrine therapy. This was based on the National Comprehensive Cancer Network which is made up of 31 leading cancer centers including Mayo, Sloan Kettering, Johns Hopkins and more. Had I been over 70 years they would not have recommended the radiation either. They are doing a test study now for women 50 - 69 years to see if radiation is needed with Stage 1, Grade 1, less than 5 mm, no lymph node involvement. I found the NCCN site has a lot of information although to get to it you have to sign up which I did as a cancer patient.